#31 – I Can Play Piano

Dream from May 2, 2018

I’m staying at a guy’s house. I see Capri there.  There is a piano I start playing near a wooden wall. He teaches me how to play it saying I need to switch on the “strong” button. I do that and start playing random notes and make a song. I discover some dirty comics of his depicting super hero woman. A weird video of Obama surfaces of his head elongating and going into a woman’s mouth or vag stretching it pulling it out like taffy with the woman screaming. Then we see Obama on TV doing a speech and the people watching him on TV yelling at him saying he’s a traitor and he was not who we thought he was.

Then the guy starts yelling at Capri and telling her here is your damn music stop messing around. She gets upset sitting on the couch while I am sitting at the piano. She says just because he’s famous and all doesn’t mean he has to be so mean. He gets all defensive. This guy is bald and has muscles sporting a plaid overshirt.

Now it is late at night at what looks like an old house with a porch. I open the door and a bunch of girls are there saying it’s time to party. I don’t really want anyone to come in though and act real shy.

#30 – Sign of the Apocalypse

Dream from January 17, 2016

I am returning home from school on the bus. This is probably from elementary school because it looks to be early 2003 and it’s the Erie Road country home I’m at (mentioned in previous posts).

I get off through the bus door that is on the opposite side of the street where the woods are and the wild things are at. Without any trouble or arguments, I walk across the street (the bus driver, Mrs. Husselgrave, used to get mad at us kids for crossing the road without waiting for her signal) to the blacktop driveway. There is another bus parked in the woods area to the right of the blacktop and when I try to walk into the driveway, it starts to come toward me quickly, nearly running me over. Then I see and hear mom say to the bus driver, “I told you”, reminding her that I must have done this multiple times in the past. Really. You were coming towards me without warning – what was I supposed to do? And why are you parked there anyway? Wow, I sound like the CinemaSins guy now.

I get to the familiar set of concrete/plastic front steps, which now has this metal mesh ramp attached over the steps now. I eye it curiously as I bound over it, thinking that it’s for the cat or for someone with a wheelchair.

So I go inside through the open door and immediately see a haggard looking cat, its fur around its head all puffed up and patchy. The ceiling fan is going. It seems to be rather smoky in the house (maybe from something cooking in the kitchen).

I walk down the familiar hallway to the left and see another cat, which is obviously Goldie from the present but he looks worse for wear with his fur all lost and looking scraggly. His ears are bent back and he looks angry. When I try to pick him up, he hisses and growls at me. I walk back down the hallway, where my old room is on the right, my two sisters rooms are next to each other on the left, and a bathroom is on the right (CCR, anyone?), and into the main part of the house that is divided between a family room and a living room.

This is where I used to live many years ago but it looks like an apocalypse hit it and everything has really taken a turn for the worst. Then I think of the “Rebel School” from Star Wars I could have attended, seeing the application paper in my head and I hear mom sarcastically say under her breath, “that rebel school you could have gone to”, with a laugh from uncle as if that’s never going to happen now. I’m eleven years old. There’s still a lot of time for you to ship me off to some school set in a fictional world.

#29 – Lunatic On the Loose

Dream from August 8, 2015

The dream “opens” with a shot of a lab. A lunatic is doing some evil things and may have murdered someone. This seems to be a flashback because it’s set in black and white. Then there is a man in a lab coat telling his assistant “he will never hurt anyone ever again”. The lunatic criminal is now hiding deep in a wall vent, looking at the deep chamber of a lab which is bathed in bright light. He seems to be a black, spidery creature.

Then my dream flashes to the crazy man (face never seen) stealing a truck from a shipping yard, the lumberjacks there unaware. And against all physics, proceeds to masterfully drive it through the house of two little girls at night. Through the kitchen and around a hallway. The girls are woken up and catch the guy who suddenly is riding a slow motorcycle. They call the police on some device as he tries to get away out a short driveway.

Later on, he is slugging down the main road at night with the girls in tow telling him “you’d better get away”. But then they are proceeding to help him by “repainting” the motorcycle.

Are they now on his side?


#28 – Killing Time

Dream from May 12, 2014

I walk down into a basement and start to wait for whatever ill-gotten punishment has been placed upon me and others. I sit down at the bottom of a short flight of stairs, covered with white carpet. Suddenly there are about five people in the basement, including my intern supervisor, Ken Otmanowski and someone who looks like a girl I knew named Sky or her look-a-like from The Walking Dead in season 4 to present (Alana Masterson as Tara Chambler). She is in a chair and Ken is behind her. Other people around the room are watching, including me. I begin to hyperventilate on the stair step, getting ready for what horror is going to happen next. And that is Ken slicing the doppleganger’s throat, blood slowly dripping down like red paint on the side of the bucket. I begin to panic, now fully realizing what is in store for me and that I might be next. What a murderer, I think to myself. “I can’t take this anymore”, I shout, breaking the eerie silence. I run for the door to the outside, noone attempting to stop me. Noone else seemed to react to the killing, just staring blankly like they were hypnotized. Perhaps the girl was the only one going to be slain, and I and everyone else were the audience, like we were watching an execution.

#27 – The Night of Five

Dream from February 2, 2014

Sequence #1

Tonight’s sequence of dreams starts with me playing a racing game with a hot shot girl – I happen to be a big fat guy. She has beaten me already. It’s a course built into the side of a tall rocky mountain surrounded entirely by water (how did the cars get there?). The girl is way ahead of me and looks to be kicking my ass to the finish line until a problem happens with her drive engine (of the video game) and she begins to go backwards with no control of it, like it’s the default setting or something.

“She is not going to like this”, I hear someone say, either in the game as a voice-over or near me.

Before the girl’s car messed up, I thought, “Man, she’s going to beat me a second time, not good.”

I see my chance to catch up and pass her but I also have a problem. My car flies high into the air, way above the mountain course, slowing coming back down to Earth, threatening to land in the water. I hear my mom, Jill, begging for the car to go into the water. But it lands back onto the track and I race my way to the finish line, passing by the girl’s rogue car on the way, which has gotten stuck on the track. The girl has given up and is just watching me.

Sequence #2

I find myself in a backstage room, getting ready for a show. There is a mirror and makeup station near the wall. A girl goes through a doorway leading to the entrance to the stage. I follow but have to go back (“Hold on a minute”), because I only have one sock on. I go back to the dressing room or waiting room to put on the sock that I forgot. I have on my plaid button up shirt.

Sequence #3

Now I am sitting in the far right of the back row of an audience in either a studio or auditorium attending a show, play, or possibly gameshow. I am next to a fat guy named Sydney in a blue shirt (someone I knew from school named Jeremy). The bluish white cement wall of the studio is shown, lights are dimmed back here.

Sequence #4

The fourth sequence of this dream places me in a room with tables, which reminds me of the Woodville Kid Center I used to go to when I was about eleven. Someone, maybe I person I knew named Dalton, asks if I know a “big guy, heavy set”. After thinking I say, “Oh, Sydney”. Though, maybe it’s me who asks the question. And this obviously is preferring to the previous dream sequence.

Sequence #5

I see my aunt Janet, apparently back from the dead, in my bedroom at Cottage St laying on my floor mattress. I go to the tiny kitchen with a feeling of despair and lost hope because I know my life is going to be bad again with Janet there.

As you can see, the sequences get shorter in detail and description from the first one because of them happening so quickly and not having much action or dialogue.

#26 – Mmm Hmm…French Fried Taters

Dream from February 1, 2014


Sequence #1

I see Justin Bieber resting on a chaise lounge in a nice luxurious home with wide open space around him. The floor is made of some refined stone and a swimming pool is seen outside through some sliding glass doors. Bieber is wearing a pair of aviators and has that smug satisfied look on his face.

I think “I wish I had a lot of money like that” and “he’s well off and established.”

Sequence #2

A scene involving Karl Childers from “Sling Blade”. First he is sitting on the front steps with a boy and then is in the house with the boy and his mom. While at night, he gets the sick idea of going into the boy’s room and raping him (OK…). He’s at the computer on a card table, shown from the side, and an arc entrance to rooms on both sides is in the near background. Lights are dimmed. Mom goes to tuck the boy into bed. Karl’s got a look on his face of canned excitement and anxiousness. As soon as everyone has gone to bed he’s unleashed into his night stalker mode.

And fortunately, I do not get to see what happens next for I suddenly awake from the dreamscape.

#25 – Screens

Dream from January 31, 2014

Sequence #1

Through the focal point of my dream, I am on an arcade racing game but am standing up instead of sitting, and maybe using motion sense to control the game (a Kinect system?). The course is (formerly named) Infineon Raceway. The sequence seems to flash forward to the end of the race, and after it is over I hear “Infineon” at the end of the song playing. An overhead view of the course is shown.


Sequence #2

Walking out my room with just a shirt on, I see my sister Emily and her friend Taylor sitting on the floor in the living room near the center divider working on some homework or whatever. I go through the kitchen to the washer and then back to my room and put on some pants. The couch and everything else in the living room except for the TV is gone. Something is playing on TV; I ask the girls where a certain character has gone to. I’m not sure what the show was…


…but I put in a picture of True Detective for kicks.

I was just about to attempt lucid dreaming but had to get up early today to go to plasma with my folks. My plan was to wake up at 8:00 am on Monday and Wednesday and wake up at 10:00 am on all other days. I read that this is to get your body in a rhythm of waking up at certain points when you are in deep REM so you can be aware of your dreams and take control. It won’t be that easy but if I can get this little trick down, it will be interesting to see what happens. I feel like I am opening hell’s gate by attempting such a thing – lucid dreaming. It sure seems crazy and my dreams have been crazy enough.

#24 – Prestige

Dream from January 29, 2014

I see a girl’s credentials on a sign, all listed top to bottom. She went to Culinary school and has experience in the field as well as a Bachelor’s degree from some prestigious college. There is a pang of jealously that runs through my head as I stare at the sign as she has accomplished way more than I have even attempted in culinary.


This was just a short snippet of a dream since I wasn’t sleeping very well that night and couldn’t get into deep REM where the best, most vivid dreams play out.  Lucid dreaming is still a difficult thing for me to accomplish. I tried setting up a system of waking up at certain parts of the day, trying to get my self into a habit of being aware of my dream, but that totally failed. I find I have dreams during the day as well, like today when I dozed off in the car and had a short lapse involving Hitler before waking up suddenly.