#31 – I Can Play Piano

Dream from May 2, 2018

I’m staying at a guy’s house. I see Capri there.  There is a piano I start playing near a wooden wall. He teaches me how to play it saying I need to switch on the “strong” button. I do that and start playing random notes and make a song. I discover some dirty comics of his depicting super hero woman. A weird video of Obama surfaces of his head elongating and going into a woman’s mouth or vag stretching it pulling it out like taffy with the woman screaming. Then we see Obama on TV doing a speech and the people watching him on TV yelling at him saying he’s a traitor and he was not who we thought he was.

Then the guy starts yelling at Capri and telling her here is your damn music stop messing around. She gets upset sitting on the couch while I am sitting at the piano. She says just because he’s famous and all doesn’t mean he has to be so mean. He gets all defensive. This guy is bald and has muscles sporting a plaid overshirt.

Now it is late at night at what looks like an old house with a porch. I open the door and a bunch of girls are there saying it’s time to party. I don’t really want anyone to come in though and act real shy.


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