I Dreamed A Dream

What have you ever dreamed about? That might be a hard question to answer because once you wake up in the morning from a dream, you forget about half of it very fast, the details slipping away like water through a strainer. Everything becomes a blur and before you know it, the dream doesn’t exist anymore, never happened…unless you retrieve those precious sights and sounds and apply the pen to the paper.


I have recently, since last year, gotten the urge and motivation to record the thoughts that process through my deep subconscious mind as I am sunk into the far away sleep state known as REM (rapid eye movement). It’s a harrowing journey centering around images, sounds, people, and places that relate to different experiences in my life, sometimes mixed up in some of the oddest ways imaginable. Some are not so obvious, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me, makes up clever puns that when figured out tickle me inside. Getting a dream down on paper challenged me at first, from simply trying to make sense of the images and sounds that seem to rush by quickly with no connection to each other, and trying to remember certain details of the dream, even the dialogue bits, before they disappear into oblivion forever. The simplest dreams are the easiest to remember; they sometimes stay with me for days before I finally get them down on paper and reconstructing them is a piece of cake. It’s the epic journeys and bizarre moments that force me to really concentrate and recollect everything that happened. The reconstruction process consists of getting everything I saw and heard out of my mind, in no particular order. Distractions are not favorable in these situations and moving around will most certainly fog the memories.

From the simplest, to the silly nonsensical, to the plain horrifying, to the out of this world, whisk me away moments, to the deep complex situations, I will record what I dream about as best as I can along with descriptive images. Then I will attempt to provide an interpretation of the dream to see what it means to me, what it symbolizes, and why it happens in the first place.

“In deep sleep, a person is close to his/her being – there is no becoming”

– Vasant Lad