#13 – Road Trip

Dream from December 29, 2013

On a warm night in September my dreams take me just outside the decrepit party store in the rundown trailer park of Arbor Village. There is a big rig parked outside it. I believe this place is closed down now. My mind is recalling a memory from long ago.

The sequence cuts to a classic tube TV sitting in a tiny compartment between the cab and the trailer hitch; there is an orange metal bench built into the wall. The television is brown and rectangular with old fashioned channel dials. A heavy set man is sitting on the edge of the bench to my right, crowding me to the outside. I hesitated and then eventually got into the compartment with him, feeling rather uncomfortable. We are waiting for another person to join us…but they never come. There are stereo headphones hooked into the TV that me and the big guy somehow wear at the same time even though the band obviously wouldn’t fit around both of our heads – or maybe they were the earbud kind. I am concerned that the bulky TV will be a problem as the truck is moving and will suck a lot of energy from the battery. The TV moves around freely in its shelf space as it isn’t tied or bolted down. The guy fiddles with the dials on the tube but it is never turned on. I’m not even sure it was plugged in.

I destroyed one of these once

The dream leaves the compartment briefly to appear inside a convenience store with a lady behind the counter. She looks like the Venezuelan gourmet chef Lorena Garcia from the Taco Bell commercial for their Cantina Bell menu.

Now cutting back to the truck, it is stopped on the southbound side of a highway. I and some other people I cannot identify since they are blurry are standing about on the road, walking around nonchalantly with no cars or trucks zooming by at all. I take a look at the grassy center divider on the right and walk into it. Seconds later, though, I am waiting to cross back over the road I came from after some cars and a line of people have gone by which includes a short, stout chick from Plasma who always wears a black t-shirt with some rock band logo on it, and my funny, dependable, and sometimes kooky uncle Jack, who is wearing his usual plain dark blue shirt. I eventually cross and hop back in the truck, this time in the passenger side of the cab. I do not know if the fat man is still with me at this point of the dream.

Now it is my mom, dad, and I sitting on the porch of a house somewhere in the rundown slum neighborhood of Jackson. There is a close-up of a dish in my hands called “Internet” (as my inner mind puts it) that I created with ma and pa – why it is called that I do not have the slightest idea (maybe it has to do with the Internet being out at my house for about a week and the frustrating, impatient longing for it to work again). The dish is a sort of taco or nacho supreme bowl with veggies and meat piled together. There is a tetherball swinging from the porch ceiling . I eat most of the “Internet” meal, leaving a small portion for sister Emily. I hear myself say “It’s great to live the life” and then think but it won’t last forever. Dad gives me a concerned look as I wolf down the cheesy dish. The porch is very similar to the one belonging to the house on Baker Street in Spring Arbor, where I used to live.

The is what “Internet” looks like


#7 – A String of Loose Events

Dreams for December 10, 2013

There’s something to call the series of “flash” dreams I had recently. Loose change. Bits and pieces. Odds and ends. Quick stops at the diner for a cup of joe. They happened on several different days, not too far from each other. Some of them I understood and some were so ridiculous they made me crack up a bit…


I am peering into a small mirror on the wall adjacent to the big mirror over the sink in the bathroom. Jack and Emily come in and start talking about something. I end up on the floor or am now way shorter than they are.

My mind’s playing tricks on me again. There is no side mirror in my bathroom. Why my uncle and sister would just nonchalantly walk into the bathroom while I am in there with the door closed is beyond me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hanging around them a lot over the years and begun to think of them as a pair that goes anywhere together. 

 My sister Liz tying an old man’s shoe strings. I only briefly see the man’s face.

 Definitely something Liz would do, being her spontaneous nature. She does have a liking for the elderly. 


Lying on a bed, I hear Jack say “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”.

A blast from the past for me as I suddenly remember the ever so cheerful crooner that would appear on the Disney Channel late at night while my sisters and I were sleeping on the floor in front of the tube. That memorable tune has been stuck in my head for years.


Outside at night. Being chased by a madman. Looks like Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons. He’s coming after me with a field plow. I keep looking over my shoulder. I run into a castle and the “game” shuts off, TV doing the swallow effect towards the middle of the screen.

My impression that Willie has a dark side has been confirmed.  I think me running into the castle comes from playing Donkey Kong 64.


Cop chasing me around a store. There are six stars in the corner of the screen. I get busted a few times, GTA style. Shots of GTA III.

From recently playing GTA III so many times my experiences of shopping at Walmart and other places have managed to blend in with my daredevil style of messing with the cops, translating to a real-life game of cat and mouse through the store.

#6 – It’s All Business

Dream from December 10, 2013

In an enormous office building. Looks like a law firm. Intimidating but elegant in appearance. The aesthetics are simplistic and natural, very twenty-first century…

Lots of staircases and floors. Tall panoramic wide glass windows letting the most sunlight in, reducing the electricity bill, and reinforcing the company’s green movement. People in suits all around. Lawyers, attorneys, bank accountants, people with egos the size of Texas. I’m in a beige suit, Hall of Fame style. Walking down a window side sets of stairs that is cutting edge with geometric features boasting that the company is fresh and innovative. Family is with me. I get a snack from a vendy with a credit card for 1 dollar. But it isn’t equipped with a credit card reader, hmmm…

I go to a rather ambitious section perhaps for a job interview but soon back out for  unknown reasons, maybe because it’s for people who are vocal and outgoing,  something I am not too good at and shy away from. The dream shifts away to me gazing into a glass look in room. There are kids playing with toys on the black threadbare carpet. I walk out the front glass doors of the building into the parking lot of the Nazarene Church in Jackson, my uncle Jack walking with me. There are many cars parked about. I arrive at the back of our car, a Ford Taurus SE. Mom tells me to take some candy, assorted taffies, she has in her hand. “Give it to the security guard or they’ll bust you”, she says, talking about my credit card. I don’t have money on it anyways.

P.S. A search for “vendy” on Google Images does not bring up vending machines but something completely different. I still think it’s a cute pet name for the machine.


#5 – Denial

Dream from December 5, 2013

A short dream burst tonight…

Suddenly I am standing by the street near my old house on Erie Road, waiting for something. A lush row of trees surround both sides of the blacktop entrance. A woody forest of underbrush lines the opposite side of the street. My cozy little mobile home tucked into the somberness of the countryside, civilization a couple miles away beyond the railroad tracks. Something keeps on passing by. A bus? Car? Person? Tank?? Did it tip over? Whatever it is seems to want me to come along but I keep refusing, just standing there like a house on the side of the road.


Ah, the cherished moments of that house, how I wish they could be relived. The crispness of the fresh cut grass and the sweet sounds of nature being heard with the intense city far away in the distance. It was a different life for me then, one that was much simpler and carefree. Responsibility was as foreign to me as the land of China.

#3 – Sky Blue

Dream from November 27, 2013

A cool sunny day in the quiet, peaceful town of Spring Arbor. Where college students dream, new babies scream, and the elderly sit on their front porches, reminiscing about the golden years. Nothing too dramatic happens around here. Mostly homespun events like the Memorial Day parade and the Hanging of the Greens at Christmas. Crime is always trying to sneak it’s way in but the proud law enforcement acts quickly to snuff it out. Within this town are a handful of good souls tending to work or whatever drives their heart’s content…

Into the dreamscape I am dropped. No directions. No explanation. It’s just me living in a virtual world made up entirely of my thoughts. My mind is the stage and I am the performer who needs no script.

There I am riding my red bike down Baker Street towards my house that is nestled nicely at the end. A long, worn out path of cement and potholes with tree limbs full of green stretching out over the entrance. A couple of modest looking houses line either side of the street and there generally is not much activity from the inhabitants here. A nice gentle breeze gathers around me as I ride past my neighbor’s house shaded comfortably by a large oak and see my empty black driveway. My house is big with two floors and a basement. The exterior is made up of grey side paneling. A hastily built in porch with recycled floorboards and a makeshift set of wood steps with the white paint washing away overlooks our shabby grass square with a tall tree in one corner and a small pile of rocks in the other. I stop suddenly when I see dad’s blue minivan parked in the street on the side of the yard. Sky Keyser is in the passenger seat, dad in the driver seat. Sky is smiling at me. A nice warm, affectionate smile. How great it is to see her face, so full of life and beauty with that small nose piercing on the side that I adore. I am surprised to see her here and wonder if she has answered my call and really does want to be with me. Maybe we can finally escape and live happy together. But it all ends too soon as I am pulled out of the realm of this world and faced with the fact that it was all a dream and I will never get to fulfill my love for Sky, the only girl I ever had a special karaoke song for.


1. Obviously Spring Arbor was a town I grew up in for about 5 years. I used to ride my bike all around the city, learning the ins and out and places of interest.

2. Dad’s has had that minivan for about 14 years now. I guess it is a special part of his life. Lots of memories can be recalled. All the vacation trips taken, school events attended, open houses dived in upon. It even suffered through two divorces. I have basically grown up in that van. Now I am twenty-two and it stills feels like yesterday that my grandparents bought a flashy new ride for the family as a housewarming gift.

3. Sky was a girl that caught my eye way back in eleventh grade. It was more of an unrequited love and then my heart was dreadfully broken when I found out she had someone else, even though she egged me on for about a week. So foolish I was as a teenager. But the curiosity of things could not be suppressed. I finally realize my mistakes now and will never be led into those kind of traps again.

#2 – Boy Genius

Dream from November 20, 2013

On a small TV set hoisted from the ceiling I see Jimmy Neutron showing off a new gadget which looks like a ray gun/neutrino laser. He calls it “a water pistol” and this time it really does look like he’s about to take over the world. No playing around this time…

This looks like a commercial being featured on the news with a blue box near the bottom of the screen containing words and a black news ticker scrolling across underneath that. Most likely CNN or MSNBC. There is also a shot of a news reporter at a desk. I believe I am either in a gas station party store or a bar and I catch a glimpse of a metal grate security door in the background.

The red surface of Mars flashes by briefly; I believe I am standing on it. Then the sequence jumps to the top floor of a skyscraper overlooking a big city, possibly New York, looking out the giant floor to ceiling window. Sun is either setting or rising over the vast array of buildings and city life. An orange-yellow crimson painted onto a canvas of industrialism. A beautiful sight. I see myself sitting at the right end of a corner booth with a table. An outlandishly smart kid that looks about eight with glasses and a business suit on is showing off the place to other kids in suits standing around on the vanilla colored carpet.

“This is the special room”, he points out. Someone says, “But I’m not special”. The boy genius moves over to another section of the skypad.

“This is the media room”. He bends his head to look at a metal plaque on a table’s edge (the same table I am at) and there is a close up of it. No media has showed up and everyone is standing around silent with dumbfound looks on their faces.


1. The hanging TV is something I see a lot of in old time diners and in sports bars. The scene happening in my dream must had been derived from one of those moments in TV and movies where a major event happens and everyone is huddled around watching the news unfold.

2. Jimmy Neutron was one of my favorite cartoons when when I was younger. I recall being excited when we decided to watch the premiere movie. Not so much anymore though. The futuristic weaponry that Neutron was holding is obvious and in my mind I always thought he was going to eventually go ballistic and destroy the world, seeing how super smart he is. Calling it a water pistol must have come from a distant childhood memory of mine.

3. The news coverage I saw is very similar to the type I’ve seen on 24/7 news channels with information about the event and other news from around the world being shown. The news is very informative and always piques my interest when I view it.

4. Every time I go to the mall I see giant metal grate doors in front of outlet stores, some being down over a vacant area. They really do their job; I don’t see anyone getting past that high-strength steel.

5. The Mars scene is interesting. I only saw it for about 3 seconds. I must had seen a photo in the past that was so magnificent it found it’s way deep into my memory bank and just happened to flash by tonight. All the research happening on Mars and the stories circulating media outlets, plus the possibility of humans going there someday has gotten my recent attention also.

6. The view from the skyscraper floor is something that I remember seeing in a movie, maybe Spider-Man or Tower Heist. I don’t know, some movie that utilizes a lot of city skyline views. Again, the sun casting an aura of warm colors over the city must symbolize that I am feeling happy at this moment and am in a content state of sleep.

7. The business kids are obvious. I’ve watched movies in the past that feature kids rising to the top and outsmarting the adults, owning all these luxury items and making big business calls all over the place. The boy saying “This is the special room” may come from me watching Willy Wonka and seeing the fantastic rooms being pointed out by the chocolateur. It may also come from movies featuring autistic kids and them being placed in a “special room” by a teacher.  “But I’m not special” has always been a thought that has gone through my mind whenever I hear people talking about my disabilities behind my back and saying I can’t do certain things. It’s a defense mechanism and it must have triggered automatically in my dream after the statement that sounded derogatory. In the past I was labeled and looked at as “special” by kids and other people and I always wanted to deny that thought. The metal plaque is something I’ve seen on tables at restaurants containing the seating number and I do remember bending my head down once to look at one. The dream ends on a little comedic note because I was waking up at that point, leaving the scene in a standstill with nowhere to go. Like the reel being ripped out in the middle of a film.