#14 – The Chase

Dream from September 14, 2014

Last night I had one of the most crazy and downright scary dreams in my life. Two people wanted to kill me but I alluded them miraculously. It was so vivid and intense and shocked the hell out of me quite a bit. This is one of the first dreams I had where the “plot” seemed to be consistent throughout the entire sequence.

It all went like this:

Two guys begin to chase the hell out of me and a girl that’s my friend, with guns. It starts out with us running down the familiar long stretch of Erie Road in the countryside. Then we are in a car heading towards a curve and suddenly we end up walking down a busy street, Price Street in Jackson to be exact, on the left side. Turning to the left and walking down Hobart Street we see some guys parked in a VW Beetle on the right and they look in our direction, a malevolent expression instantly appearing on their faces. We hide to the side of a bus parked on the opposite side of the street. For a while we wait there while the men try to figure out where we went to, thinking to ourselves, “They surely wouldn’t think about looking over here by the bus”. After about a minute, we quietly move to the grille of the bus and have a peek around at the VW and then hide again. Then two tall dark figures suddenly appear behind us and we react on instinct, running away down Hobart Street as the mobsters start shooting…

The dream then shifts to where we are in a mobile home park, presumably Arbor Village, where I used to live. One of the men is white; the other looks Mexican/Hispanic. My friend and I are running down the street, the men shooting at us. One guy, the Mexican, runs out of bullets and begins to load another mag, discarding the empty one to the ground. Then it is just me, my partner disappearing. I am now holding a toy ball in front of my face, the kind that retracts into a smaller ball and is made of up of plastic links or some material. I begin to run backwards holding that toy in front of my face for some reason, maybe hoping it will stop a bullet or two from penetrating my skull…

Next, the dream shifts to where we are in Parma Elementary, my old stomping grounds. I’m trying to run backward through the halls with some difficulty, with that same toy, the men just coming after me but not shooting. I look back and see some purple doors and keep backing up until I go into an opening and hit a white brick wall. “Wild Bill” and “Kid Curry” start chuckling, thinking that I am totally screwed and they’ve got me cornered. That’s where they’re wrong. Without hesitation, I instantly make my run, forwards, toy gone, out of the clearing and to the left, running down a hall to another set of purple doors. I stop for a moment at the door on the right, admiring the metal push bar, and look back at the men pursuing me again before turning north, running to and out the playground doors.

I run around the building to the front of the school, quickly hiding behind a car in the back of the parking lot. I thought about running to the forest of trees behind me but was afraid the men would see me. Out of nowhere, my partner suddenly appears again, next to me behind the rear bumper, asking loudly if we should call 911. I tell her to shush and be quiet. The angry men show up at the front of the building, looking around but never find us. And that is where I leave you for this night’s story.


In this dream sequence I was a slim 20 to 30 year old man with a full, trimmed beard. I think I looked like the guy from the Bud Light commercial who thinks it’s good luck to go into the basement to get a beer because his team scores every time he does. I never could tell what the girl looked like and I don’t know why those men were chasing after us. Maybe we owed them some money or did something to greatly upset them. Somehow this relates to a past experience in my life. The retractable ball I knew came from Denny’s long ago when I was about seven or eight years old and they used to provide those for us kids to play with. Hobart Street is where my mom grew up, in a handsome white house on a hill with a garage in back. I assume the two men wanted to back me into a corner and have me breathe my final words before unloading on me but I fooled their plans and made a great escape – which did seem way too easy. An alternate working title for this dream could have been “2 Guns”, from the movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. I’ve never seen that film so I know this dream had nothing to do with it! I referred to the two men as “Wild Bill” and “Kid Curry” because those were the nicknames of two of the deadliest gunslingers in the Wild West, James “Wild Bill” Hickok and Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan.

Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


#12 – Christmas Dream

Dream from December 25, 2013

The night begins with my dad driving me around in his blue mini-van to either pick up some transcripts for college or get resumes for a job (I’m not sure which but my inner thoughts seem to centered around both). We stop at Jonesville High School, a small brown building in front of a small parking lot. It feels like early winter with a bit of light snow on the ground.
I’m in the passenger seat, waiting for dad to come out of the school, and then suddenly I’m in the back seat on the left side near the window. My sister Liz is driving the van, only she is on the right side as if in England and isn’t actually using the steering wheel since it’s still on the left side. She proceeds to “drive” through a dense forest in the pitch black of night.

I frantically ask Liz, “Why did you leave dad behind?”. She doesn’t answer but continues on her wild rampage, cutting through trees and causing an uproar with the wildlife. I tell her that we should turn back and have a apprehensive feeling about venturing into this forest in the dead of night. What if we break down or get stuck? What if we get eaten by a pack of hungry wolves? Wolves are indeed involved. As we are barreling through the terrain, a couple of Siberian huskies graze the side of the van, which from the outside looks more like the Winnebago from Breaking Bad. The view alternates between the outside view of the side of the vehicle near the rear wheel base and my point of view from inside. A couple more wolves hit the vehicle and I am getting worried that they will eventually break the windows and get inside. Their faces are illuminated by the van’s headlights and if you were expecting them to look fierce and deadly that would not be the case. These huskies actually looked harmless with no intent of making us their next meal. Maybe that’s because they didn’t realize what was happening or maybe this is just a thing about the dream where two things from two different memories, the van and the wolves, clash with each other and are not connected at all.


1. I see myself riding along with my dad because he has now become a more prominent part of my life and has been trying to instill some confidence in me while advising me on ways to find a job. Some long frozen over ice has been broken here in the last few months; I feel like I can relate to him on a more personal level than before because I get to see my dad more often now.

2. I don’t know why we stop at Jonesville High School, or whatever school it actually is, but I’m thinking that because I knew two girls that went there and they were a major focal point of my memory (still quite are, I hope I’m not a stalker), that school name has become so synonymous with them that it would become an often randomly accessed memory.

3. Liz pops up in this brief adventure because I think there is a small part of my mind that longs for her to be here with the fact that she is living close to 600 miles away and I have only seen her once in the last few months. Everyone else in my family misses her as well.

4. I see Liz apparently as a crazy driver with no bearings because that is how I have always known her while we were growing up. Liz was always different and did lots of weird and wacky things, such as stealing a “WET PAINT” sign and hanging it up in her room, that made us laugh, made us scratch our heads, and sometimes made us worry about her.

5. There is no dialogue from Liz in this dream and that might relate to the fact that we never had much conversing between each other. She seems to be in a distant world when I try to ask her questions like I or she is not actually there. I see her with her familiar stretchy pink shirt on and she has that yummy ice cream hairstyle of a mix of orange, pink, and white just stopping above her shoulders.

6. Perhaps there is someone driving the van but the dream is not focused on that particular detail. A ghost driver or dark escort. It might not actually be a forest we were crashing through but just the familiar long strip of Erie Road in Parma I have traveled on so many times.

7. The wolves, or just friendly dogs, relate to the fact that there is a Siberian husky always sitting on the red porch of a person’s house where I live. Most of the time when I walk by I see that dog and it captures my attention, it seeing me and just staring back with the innocent eyes of it’s friendly face. That’s why I see multiple images of the same dog in my vision. It’s merely a memory.

8. The side view of the van turned Winnebago is a familiar scene from the pilot of Breaking Bad when Walter is driving the RV like a madman through the desert, fearing that the police are after him as he has just started cooking meth with burnout Jessie Pinkman.

#7 – A String of Loose Events

Dreams for December 10, 2013

There’s something to call the series of “flash” dreams I had recently. Loose change. Bits and pieces. Odds and ends. Quick stops at the diner for a cup of joe. They happened on several different days, not too far from each other. Some of them I understood and some were so ridiculous they made me crack up a bit…


I am peering into a small mirror on the wall adjacent to the big mirror over the sink in the bathroom. Jack and Emily come in and start talking about something. I end up on the floor or am now way shorter than they are.

My mind’s playing tricks on me again. There is no side mirror in my bathroom. Why my uncle and sister would just nonchalantly walk into the bathroom while I am in there with the door closed is beyond me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been hanging around them a lot over the years and begun to think of them as a pair that goes anywhere together. 

 My sister Liz tying an old man’s shoe strings. I only briefly see the man’s face.

 Definitely something Liz would do, being her spontaneous nature. She does have a liking for the elderly. 


Lying on a bed, I hear Jack say “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah”.

A blast from the past for me as I suddenly remember the ever so cheerful crooner that would appear on the Disney Channel late at night while my sisters and I were sleeping on the floor in front of the tube. That memorable tune has been stuck in my head for years.


Outside at night. Being chased by a madman. Looks like Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons. He’s coming after me with a field plow. I keep looking over my shoulder. I run into a castle and the “game” shuts off, TV doing the swallow effect towards the middle of the screen.

My impression that Willie has a dark side has been confirmed.  I think me running into the castle comes from playing Donkey Kong 64.


Cop chasing me around a store. There are six stars in the corner of the screen. I get busted a few times, GTA style. Shots of GTA III.

From recently playing GTA III so many times my experiences of shopping at Walmart and other places have managed to blend in with my daredevil style of messing with the cops, translating to a real-life game of cat and mouse through the store.

#1 – An Elevator of Dreams

Dream from November 16, 2013

The eyes of my subconscious settle in at the front of a large classroom with a laughing Jimmy Kimmel standing next to a TV on a tall black cart. Though none of the class is actually seen, we are all about to watch The Price is Right

But then the lights are off, the only light coming from the shaded windows running the length of the wall opposite the door, and I am at the back of the room, all alone, staring into the distance. A whiteboard is on the far wall in front of me. The room has a bluish tint to it and my gaze is becoming blurry, the room tilting to the right. There are long, rectangular tables in the room and later on there are not. My mind shifts to a guy getting chewed out by his wife for buying expensive things. This is happening at the front of the room; I am there observing the commotion, unbeknownst to them. He leaves through a door of white light at the far left end of the window wall, packing his possessions and others things into a small box. Then he is on the front steps of my old house on Erie Road. Or perhaps it’s me in this case. A storm rages on. The sky is dark and cloudy, rain pouring down in buckets, lightning and thunder trading punches. I think the man slips and falls on the black paved sidewalk, the contents from the box going everywhere. His life is in shambles.

I am now in a small clearing with an elevator. There are yellow and black caution stripes on the doors and a solid curved awning above it. I look back and see a large room with a white tiled floor; the lights are partially dimmed. There are some people debating and disagreeing with each other, maybe about going into the elevator. After getting the okay to do so, I walk into the elevator…

After the jump I see myself walking down a linoleum hallway with windows and a heating unit running the length of it. Outside the window a building is being constructed, starting with the metal struts. I enter another room on the right with tables shaped in a square or rectangle. There are a few people sitting down in chairs at the tables; I see the back of an elderly man’s head with a bald spot. I go back into the hallway and see a stout 40 something year old woman and ask her if I can go back to the floor we came from to get my keys I forgot. She says “we’ll all go back together”. I go back into the room and sit down, wondering if I should just go back myself.

We all leave, or rather jump from, this room and end up on the outside of another room that has look in windows, black framed, possibly two-way. The windows meet at a corner. It is dark in the space outside. Lights are dimmed in the room. Party going on, college kids, jumping on furniture, two men sitting on a couch in front of a fireplace chatting with each other , possibly gay. Party ends, kids leave through a black-framed glass door, laughing, joking. We go in and get to work cleaning the dorm. Feeling annoyed and angered, I grab a mop and start wetting down the floor near the entrance.


1. The large classroom is Room 101 at Baker College. I had a Human Resources class in there my first 10 ten weeks at the college. I seemed to like that classroom. So spacious, warm, inviting. Always so cheerful in there with the students and teachers. I remember drinking a hot cappuccino on a sunny day in that room, the two warmths combining, uplifting my spirits.

2. I am standing at the end of the room with the lights off because I am now experiencing a somber, depressed moment in my life and I also enjoy the solitude. It calms me, makes me think easier, I can get away from the world and escape to a special place in my head. The tables disappearing could symbolize something or someone disappearing in my life, maybe my grandma who passed away whose final moments with me were sad and bitter; she didn’t know who she was anymore, her actions weren’t hers.

3. The gloomy moment transcends to the guy and his wife yelling at him. This might stem from me seeing my mom yell at my dad for doing certain things and the divorce that followed, which bothered me a bit. I’ve also watched multiple shows where a wife gets mad at her husband and tells him to leave. He leaves through a door of white light, maybe symbolizing good things to come in his and my future, and ends up on the front steps of my old house on Erie Road. That house holds a special place in my heart even though there were some bad memories there. The thunderstorm symbolizes sadness, depression, sorrow, and anger. On the flip side, I’ve always enjoyed thunderstorms. The box the man puts his stuff in is just like the one sitting on the shelf in my closet. I value that box and don’t want to get rid of it…yet. The man slips and falls to add to the terrible moment and there were times in life when I fell down hard, both literally and figuratively.

4. The elevator might have something to do with tough decisions I once had to make, right on the spot. The disagreeing and debating people are actually the decision making process going on in my head. The yellow and black stripes symbolize me looking at the situation carefully, not diving in until I know exactly what’s in it for me. It’s me who decides to go into the elevator because I deem it “safe”, like me deciding to go through a door in a video game, wondering if there is something dangerous on the other side.

5. The linoleum hallway and business class are from Jackson Community College, where I went to briefly from 2010 – 2011.

6. The “forgot my keys” moment must stem from me being forgetful at times. I’ve lost many things in my life but eventually they showed up again.

7. The room with the look in windows relates to me going to the plasma center many times and seeing those same black-framed windows and door.