#29 – Lunatic On the Loose

Dream from August 8, 2015

The dream “opens” with a shot of a lab. A lunatic is doing some evil things and may have murdered someone. This seems to be a flashback because it’s set in black and white. Then there is a man in a lab coat telling his assistant “he will never hurt anyone ever again”. The lunatic criminal is now hiding deep in a wall vent, looking at the deep chamber of a lab which is bathed in bright light. He seems to be a black, spidery creature.

Then my dream flashes to the crazy man (face never seen) stealing a truck from a shipping yard, the lumberjacks there unaware. And against all physics, proceeds to masterfully drive it through the house of two little girls at night. Through the kitchen and around a hallway. The girls are woken up and catch the guy who suddenly is riding a slow motorcycle. They call the police on some device as he tries to get away out a short driveway.

Later on, he is slugging down the main road at night with the girls in tow telling him “you’d better get away”. But then they are proceeding to help him by “repainting” the motorcycle.

Are they now on his side?