#10 – A Rush of Euphoria

Dream from December 20, 2013

What seemed like a wild mine cart ride through an underground cavern or tunnel ends at a station besides a rocky subterranean wall. I am apparently going on a trip with some “monsters”, stuffed animals that were telepathically speaking to me…

There is a scruffy looking ticket guy in a red shirt standing next to the tracks. I show the guy a name tag with “Jill Hammell” on it (my mom’s CENA tag at Heartland Healthcare). After he looks at it with concern, I say it is in a different language. Then I am stuffing the monsters more tightly into the small shopping cart I arrived in or on, with various signs, such as “Going to Spartyville” and “Monsters”, being slapped on the sides. Onward!

In no time at all, I arrive in a big outdoor park/arena surrounded by rock walls and various openings. Waterfalls, streams, lakes, rocks, and lots of green plant life are some of the features around here. I walk through a large opening where there is a small plateau or cliff overlooking a wide open dirt land or desert; there are no signs of life for miles and a scene from Attack of the Clones comes to mind. The sky is a clear blue, with relatively few clouds. Parked out on this balcony of nature are some cars – some junky and some that a millionaire might drive. As this sequence continues, the barren wasteland becomes less visible and the focus is more prominently on the cars that are facing me, headlights first. I try to take pictures with a wimpy flip phone but the image keeps on ending somewhere else, with me standing in front of the scene.

From a twisted, dark corner in my mind: “Taylor will get cancer on your birthday”, Jack says to my sister Emily, talking about her beloved friend. He says it with no hesitation, in a matter-of-fact way. Cold and unemotional. Well, then…

I am in the cold section of Walmart, picking out Seagrams from a box. There are many flavors I have never seen, making it hard to decide. I skip over the Tangerine flavored one I have already tried. Alicia, Taylor, and Emily are with me.

Mom and dad are on the couch at the Erie Rd. house at night watching The Simpsons, laughing together. Homer Simpson is dressed like a woman. He pulls off a wig and white cloth wrapped around him like a toga. The fake “boobs” that he is wearing, stuck on with toothpicks and similar in look to olives, are plucked off, one by one. He then pulls off a lower set just below the original ones, throwing them into the campfire. The flames fly up. Whoosh!

The dreams continue with me talking to Hannah Kulwicki, a short girl from the Career Center, on Facebook about Harry Potter, with questions about how HP7, The Deathly Hallows, is different from the other books. It becomes a contribute chat from other people. The answer is that HP7 is set outside most of the time than the other books. I even see the promotional logo that was used in various trailers and posters for the upcoming two part finale of the film franchise.

A rush of euphoria sees a version of me skateboarding down a paved street at night, with a castle growing smaller behind me. I am trying to catch different people on skateboards. “But you can’t catch them”, someone says. Then I’m walking down the street with random strangers. I head off to bed and “Leave the Pieces” by The Wreckers starts to play in my head, with images of mom and family bouncing around in my mind.

Last, but not least, I am in a car with some relatives being driven around our Windham Hills mobile home park looking for a New Hampshire Drive. Some stranger is driving us – I cannot see the person’s face, only an ominous silhouette of their self that speaks DANGER! and that he or she is probably a rabid serial killer. Oh well. I accepted the candy offer and now I will await my doom. We finally find the destination, me seeing the green street sign (in reality there is no New Hampshire Dr. in Windham Hills, another weird trick my dream state likes to play on me).


A summary of my adventures so far:

Dream 1, “An Elevator of Dreams”, involved Jimmy Kimmel, The Price is Right, a chilly room, a guy getting kicked out, an elevator, forgotten keys, and a wild college party

Dream 2, “Boy Genius”, included Jimmy Neutron, a skyscraper, Mars, and some kids in suits

Dream 3, “Sky Blue”, had a blue van and a girl who has an awesome superhero name

Dream 4, “A Cancerous Dream”, is pretty self explanatory

Dream 5, “Denial”, had me by the side of the road watching a tank flip over

Dream 6, “It’s All Business”, was set at a business with a magical snack machine

Dream 7, “A String of Events”, had Groundskeeper Willy chasing me

Dream 8, “School Days and Autumn Brakes”, involved a lunch box, swimsuit, and crazy uncle driving a car

Dream 9, “Night Visions”, featured monkeys, an obstacle course, graffiti, Legos, and a fictional reptile

Dream 10, “A Rush of Euphoria”, had stuffed toys, a massive arena, cars, cold-hearted truth, carbonated drinks, Homer Simpson, skateboards, a non-existent street, Harry Potter, and an elephant in the room.


#9 – Night Visions

Dream from December 18, 2013 

It is an ancient Aztec ruin situated on a tropical island somewhere deep in my mind. Poor little monkeys are being raised into the air by ropes, all huddled together, up to the tree tops…

One sly little chimp suddenly discovers a way down; he sees some stone steps appear but suddenly they aren’t there anymore. The ground is a long ways down from where the bundle of chimps are; the savage beasts scurry about like ants at the bottom…

It is I, the formidable one, caught in raging waters and being pushed around an “obstacle course” with a whirlpool like Charybdis swirling about madly. A dark and stormy night barrels on endlessly. I get swept around a rocky landmass and encounter a buoy or life preserver that is narrowly avoided. Suddenly, the ruthless waters turn into a dimly lit hallway. Andrea, a girl I knew in a past life, is near a wall with graffiti, saying something to me about joining in and continuing the graffiti masterpiece. Some light then shines from a window onto the wall, the hallway turning into the one at Woodville with lockers lining the wall. Andrea disappears. The hallway reminds me of the one in Chamber of Secrets with the blood writing on the wall that also brings up the song “Superstition”.

My night vision is in the water again, on the edge of a seaport in the daytime, staring at a warehouse with big metal doors, waiting for someone to come out…memories of hiding out in GTA from cops are being happily experimented with. Later, big bad reptilian K. Rool is standing on the seaport and orders the humans, who are in the water wearing scuba gear, to save his air supply. They dive down and find some parts on the seafloor to be put together on the main underwater apparatus, sort of like a video game challenge. The apparatus is a metal pole with a round base on the bottom and has other controls, knobs, and tubes on it. The parts are circular Lego pieces that are glowing and snap into place easily when they are correct. A couple of minutes apparently pass by and the humans dive back up, their work finished. K.Rool, as an alligator, is now in the water. He is about to dive down but hesitates since he doesn’t know if the humans fixed the parts correctly and if he will drown. A close up look at a dog tag. “That is special”, K. Rool says. Part of it breaks off, as if held just by glue. The DK villain puts it back together and looks around with sharp glances and then quietly shrugs off this minor mishap.


Hmm…let’s see. Monkeys, water, graffiti, Legos, and a fictional reptile. Do they go together? Or is it just a bunch of random thoughts being dumped out on the floor and played with non-essentially? It seems to be another night where during the sleep away hours, my dream factory starts pulling random books off the rows and rows of memory shelves, not sure what it wants but looking for something to entertain itself before I am back up and running again and helping to add more to the amazing and versatile library upstairs.

#5 – Denial

Dream from December 5, 2013

A short dream burst tonight…

Suddenly I am standing by the street near my old house on Erie Road, waiting for something. A lush row of trees surround both sides of the blacktop entrance. A woody forest of underbrush lines the opposite side of the street. My cozy little mobile home tucked into the somberness of the countryside, civilization a couple miles away beyond the railroad tracks. Something keeps on passing by. A bus? Car? Person? Tank?? Did it tip over? Whatever it is seems to want me to come along but I keep refusing, just standing there like a house on the side of the road.


Ah, the cherished moments of that house, how I wish they could be relived. The crispness of the fresh cut grass and the sweet sounds of nature being heard with the intense city far away in the distance. It was a different life for me then, one that was much simpler and carefree. Responsibility was as foreign to me as the land of China.

#3 – Sky Blue

Dream from November 27, 2013

A cool sunny day in the quiet, peaceful town of Spring Arbor. Where college students dream, new babies scream, and the elderly sit on their front porches, reminiscing about the golden years. Nothing too dramatic happens around here. Mostly homespun events like the Memorial Day parade and the Hanging of the Greens at Christmas. Crime is always trying to sneak it’s way in but the proud law enforcement acts quickly to snuff it out. Within this town are a handful of good souls tending to work or whatever drives their heart’s content…

Into the dreamscape I am dropped. No directions. No explanation. It’s just me living in a virtual world made up entirely of my thoughts. My mind is the stage and I am the performer who needs no script.

There I am riding my red bike down Baker Street towards my house that is nestled nicely at the end. A long, worn out path of cement and potholes with tree limbs full of green stretching out over the entrance. A couple of modest looking houses line either side of the street and there generally is not much activity from the inhabitants here. A nice gentle breeze gathers around me as I ride past my neighbor’s house shaded comfortably by a large oak and see my empty black driveway. My house is big with two floors and a basement. The exterior is made up of grey side paneling. A hastily built in porch with recycled floorboards and a makeshift set of wood steps with the white paint washing away overlooks our shabby grass square with a tall tree in one corner and a small pile of rocks in the other. I stop suddenly when I see dad’s blue minivan parked in the street on the side of the yard. Sky Keyser is in the passenger seat, dad in the driver seat. Sky is smiling at me. A nice warm, affectionate smile. How great it is to see her face, so full of life and beauty with that small nose piercing on the side that I adore. I am surprised to see her here and wonder if she has answered my call and really does want to be with me. Maybe we can finally escape and live happy together. But it all ends too soon as I am pulled out of the realm of this world and faced with the fact that it was all a dream and I will never get to fulfill my love for Sky, the only girl I ever had a special karaoke song for.


1. Obviously Spring Arbor was a town I grew up in for about 5 years. I used to ride my bike all around the city, learning the ins and out and places of interest.

2. Dad’s has had that minivan for about 14 years now. I guess it is a special part of his life. Lots of memories can be recalled. All the vacation trips taken, school events attended, open houses dived in upon. It even suffered through two divorces. I have basically grown up in that van. Now I am twenty-two and it stills feels like yesterday that my grandparents bought a flashy new ride for the family as a housewarming gift.

3. Sky was a girl that caught my eye way back in eleventh grade. It was more of an unrequited love and then my heart was dreadfully broken when I found out she had someone else, even though she egged me on for about a week. So foolish I was as a teenager. But the curiosity of things could not be suppressed. I finally realize my mistakes now and will never be led into those kind of traps again.

#1 – An Elevator of Dreams

Dream from November 16, 2013

The eyes of my subconscious settle in at the front of a large classroom with a laughing Jimmy Kimmel standing next to a TV on a tall black cart. Though none of the class is actually seen, we are all about to watch The Price is Right

But then the lights are off, the only light coming from the shaded windows running the length of the wall opposite the door, and I am at the back of the room, all alone, staring into the distance. A whiteboard is on the far wall in front of me. The room has a bluish tint to it and my gaze is becoming blurry, the room tilting to the right. There are long, rectangular tables in the room and later on there are not. My mind shifts to a guy getting chewed out by his wife for buying expensive things. This is happening at the front of the room; I am there observing the commotion, unbeknownst to them. He leaves through a door of white light at the far left end of the window wall, packing his possessions and others things into a small box. Then he is on the front steps of my old house on Erie Road. Or perhaps it’s me in this case. A storm rages on. The sky is dark and cloudy, rain pouring down in buckets, lightning and thunder trading punches. I think the man slips and falls on the black paved sidewalk, the contents from the box going everywhere. His life is in shambles.

I am now in a small clearing with an elevator. There are yellow and black caution stripes on the doors and a solid curved awning above it. I look back and see a large room with a white tiled floor; the lights are partially dimmed. There are some people debating and disagreeing with each other, maybe about going into the elevator. After getting the okay to do so, I walk into the elevator…

After the jump I see myself walking down a linoleum hallway with windows and a heating unit running the length of it. Outside the window a building is being constructed, starting with the metal struts. I enter another room on the right with tables shaped in a square or rectangle. There are a few people sitting down in chairs at the tables; I see the back of an elderly man’s head with a bald spot. I go back into the hallway and see a stout 40 something year old woman and ask her if I can go back to the floor we came from to get my keys I forgot. She says “we’ll all go back together”. I go back into the room and sit down, wondering if I should just go back myself.

We all leave, or rather jump from, this room and end up on the outside of another room that has look in windows, black framed, possibly two-way. The windows meet at a corner. It is dark in the space outside. Lights are dimmed in the room. Party going on, college kids, jumping on furniture, two men sitting on a couch in front of a fireplace chatting with each other , possibly gay. Party ends, kids leave through a black-framed glass door, laughing, joking. We go in and get to work cleaning the dorm. Feeling annoyed and angered, I grab a mop and start wetting down the floor near the entrance.


1. The large classroom is Room 101 at Baker College. I had a Human Resources class in there my first 10 ten weeks at the college. I seemed to like that classroom. So spacious, warm, inviting. Always so cheerful in there with the students and teachers. I remember drinking a hot cappuccino on a sunny day in that room, the two warmths combining, uplifting my spirits.

2. I am standing at the end of the room with the lights off because I am now experiencing a somber, depressed moment in my life and I also enjoy the solitude. It calms me, makes me think easier, I can get away from the world and escape to a special place in my head. The tables disappearing could symbolize something or someone disappearing in my life, maybe my grandma who passed away whose final moments with me were sad and bitter; she didn’t know who she was anymore, her actions weren’t hers.

3. The gloomy moment transcends to the guy and his wife yelling at him. This might stem from me seeing my mom yell at my dad for doing certain things and the divorce that followed, which bothered me a bit. I’ve also watched multiple shows where a wife gets mad at her husband and tells him to leave. He leaves through a door of white light, maybe symbolizing good things to come in his and my future, and ends up on the front steps of my old house on Erie Road. That house holds a special place in my heart even though there were some bad memories there. The thunderstorm symbolizes sadness, depression, sorrow, and anger. On the flip side, I’ve always enjoyed thunderstorms. The box the man puts his stuff in is just like the one sitting on the shelf in my closet. I value that box and don’t want to get rid of it…yet. The man slips and falls to add to the terrible moment and there were times in life when I fell down hard, both literally and figuratively.

4. The elevator might have something to do with tough decisions I once had to make, right on the spot. The disagreeing and debating people are actually the decision making process going on in my head. The yellow and black stripes symbolize me looking at the situation carefully, not diving in until I know exactly what’s in it for me. It’s me who decides to go into the elevator because I deem it “safe”, like me deciding to go through a door in a video game, wondering if there is something dangerous on the other side.

5. The linoleum hallway and business class are from Jackson Community College, where I went to briefly from 2010 – 2011.

6. The “forgot my keys” moment must stem from me being forgetful at times. I’ve lost many things in my life but eventually they showed up again.

7. The room with the look in windows relates to me going to the plasma center many times and seeing those same black-framed windows and door.