Lucid Dreaming: An Experimentation

It amazes me of the sheer number of articles and blogs out there related to the study of dreams and recording them. I am happy to say I am not the only one who has become interested in this fascinating exploration activity. Until recently, I thought this was a thing that not many people paid attention to, besides doing research. It turns out that after I started to keep track of my multiple, growing night visions, a new world opened up for me, one that was full of surprises and new discoveries. The idea of lucid dreaming, being aware that you are dreaming and being able to manipulate and alter the course of the dream, is something that I recently struck upon in an article on

Some of the misconceptions that people have about lucid dreaming are presented. It is not a new thing; it goes back at least a thousand years, the ancient Egyptians even experiencing it, thinking it was a special message from above. You don’t need to rely on God and the Holy Spirit to be lucid as well. Lucid dreaming isn’t really taking you into a new world, it all occurs while you are sleeping and video games are more ‘out of this world’ than your own nightly escapades. I believe I have had a few lucid dreams where I wanted to control the outcome or perhaps extend the dream so I could see what happens next instead of it having a loose end. There was a time when I very interested in the scene going on and the only way for it to continue was for me to take control and add my own spin to the events. There are limitations to this of course. I can only alter what is available and I cannot add anything new to the environment. I can only ‘move’ the character that is essentially me (from my point of view). Now if I was very experienced with lucidity I would be able to control almost anything in the dream but basically the surrounding environment ‘springs up’ randomly wherever I go in the dream. It is nice to see the dream play out on its own, without any interference, but when I really get caught up in it, the events feel like a wild rollercoaster ride that doesn’t seem to want to stop. Sometimes I can actually feel my head and heart pounding from the exhilarating sensations happening in my subconscious. One dream, or perhaps nightmare, that I will explain in a later post, involved me running through a bunch of houses and then seeing my dad sinking into a swamp with rats crawling over him, with me walking ahead in the distance thinking he was just a burden anyway. There also were a few dreams about cancer, one where my uncle told my sister that her friend will “get cancer on your birthday” with no hesitation at all, like it was a solid fact. Another one involved me witnessing a bloody execution and then running out afraid that I was next on the chopping block. I’m not quite sure how all of these dreams come about but it seems to come from how I am thinking at the time, my emotions, and what has happened recently in my life.

If you have been following my dream blog, the dreams I recorded so far are from as far back as November 2013. I am basically going in order of dreams recorded, from the oldest to the most recent entry, fixing up things and making it look polished and complete. I hope to continue to get better at analyzing and making sense of the images and sounds I encounter. Putting all of these wonderful experiences I envision while in the dreamscape into a sort of picture storybook would be the ultimate. It does get a little boring and discouraging when I am not having any new dreams to record but I guess if I start getting quality sleep again I will get back on the amazing run of dreams that I was having in the past. And that had never happened at any time during my teenage years or early childhood. This is a phenomenon that maybe signifies that my brain has evolved or matured to be able to draw upon its own memories to create an interesting world where there are no rules or laws of physics. It is my own personal dreamland and I am free to invite anyone or anything into it, not always on my own accord.



#8 – School Days and Autumn Brakes

Dreams from December 15, 2013

These dream sequences are from sometime in late 2013, back when I started to realize that I was having crazy, vivid dreams unlike any I’ve had before…

The first sequence begins with me sitting down at a table with Jimmie Fiddler in the cafeteria at Parma Elementary. As I am hiding my head behind a lunch box, someone else sits down at the table. Jimmie was a kid I knew in the fifth grade and the last part of fourth grade. He was kind of nerdy, wore round glasses like Harry Potter, and liked to crack jokes about people, some of them dirty. He was friends with another boy named Keegan Raab, also a bit of a weirdo. Keegan’s trademark was his long brownish hair that always seemed to be perfectly straight. He also liked to play the card games Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh with more of the “nerdy crowd” in the cafeteria that included Adam Noakes, a man of short stature still to this day, who I always envisioned becoming a mystified author of sorts.

Well anyway, now I am in the Parma cafeteria hallway. I have my swimsuit under my clothes, probably going swimming later on. A teacher sees me taking my pants off in the hallway. “What are you doing?”, she asks, and then, “Oh, you’ve got swimsuit under”. I think it was my first grade teacher Mrs. Allen, the one I now suspect is gay because of her apparent manliness and non-interest in any male flirtations.

Next, I witness my uncle Jack driving a car/RV down an empty country road, mid-Autumn, leaves blowing. Jack starts complaining about the car and swerves dangerously on the road. I guess this is what I imagine it would look like if Jack ever got behind the wheel of a vehicle. It would be nuts.

#4 – A Cancerous Dream

Dream from December 2, 2013

Tonight the amazing dream express transports me through the clouds to a place I am very familiar with – my elementary school at Parma. The school of the blue floors and purple doors as I fondly remember it. Its long hallways and kiddie size rooms still vividly painted onto the back of my retinas…

The mysterious master of disguise that is my subconscious has chosen a particular room to relay events and entertain an unseen audience. Like having a blindfold over my eyes, I suddenly find myself in the kindergarten room, previously taught by a then young Mrs. Comden, and yes that name stirs up many jokes, ones that I didn’t understand when I was little. I am at least five here and am sitting at the table against the back of the big cork board, frequently featuring puzzles in the works, little books full of interesting pictures, and those big, colorful foam letters that motivated me to learn the alphabet. Out of nowhere, a woman hands me a translucent Tupperware container and, to my absolute horror, says it’s cancer. Huh? A dreadful pulse rushes down my back. She peels the lid off the box, revealing what’s inside. Something slimy and a pale milky yellow is slowly moving around. A big greasy blob with bits of hair in it. It gives off a foul odor, like the stench of sick patients in a nursing home. I immediately start to feel nauseous and quite disgusted, barely able to look at the cancerous substance that is right under my nose. I start scraping off the top of the lid with a piece of paper, but what I should have done is push the box away, chuck it across the room, or asked “What the f**k is this, lady?”

After that revolting scene, I suddenly find myself in a huge industrial warehouse with many small rectangular windows, the kind a fast car could easily fly through at any moment to the sweet sound of glass shattering everywhere. The sun is shining brightly through those windows. There are wood boards stacked on platforms around the facility. I am wearing a fake black beard and looking into an unseen camera, trying to act, but not really into it. My sister is also there along with others that I can not identify. I’m not sure what warehouse I am in but I think it’s reminiscent of a scene from Breaking BadTop Gun, or Cast Away at the very beginning.


#2 – Boy Genius

Dream from November 20, 2013

On a small TV set hoisted from the ceiling I see Jimmy Neutron showing off a new gadget which looks like a ray gun/neutrino laser. He calls it “a water pistol” and this time it really does look like he’s about to take over the world. No playing around this time…

This looks like a commercial being featured on the news with a blue box near the bottom of the screen containing words and a black news ticker scrolling across underneath that. Most likely CNN or MSNBC. There is also a shot of a news reporter at a desk. I believe I am either in a gas station party store or a bar and I catch a glimpse of a metal grate security door in the background.

The red surface of Mars flashes by briefly; I believe I am standing on it. Then the sequence jumps to the top floor of a skyscraper overlooking a big city, possibly New York, looking out the giant floor to ceiling window. Sun is either setting or rising over the vast array of buildings and city life. An orange-yellow crimson painted onto a canvas of industrialism. A beautiful sight. I see myself sitting at the right end of a corner booth with a table. An outlandishly smart kid that looks about eight with glasses and a business suit on is showing off the place to other kids in suits standing around on the vanilla colored carpet.

“This is the special room”, he points out. Someone says, “But I’m not special”. The boy genius moves over to another section of the skypad.

“This is the media room”. He bends his head to look at a metal plaque on a table’s edge (the same table I am at) and there is a close up of it. No media has showed up and everyone is standing around silent with dumbfound looks on their faces.


1. The hanging TV is something I see a lot of in old time diners and in sports bars. The scene happening in my dream must had been derived from one of those moments in TV and movies where a major event happens and everyone is huddled around watching the news unfold.

2. Jimmy Neutron was one of my favorite cartoons when when I was younger. I recall being excited when we decided to watch the premiere movie. Not so much anymore though. The futuristic weaponry that Neutron was holding is obvious and in my mind I always thought he was going to eventually go ballistic and destroy the world, seeing how super smart he is. Calling it a water pistol must have come from a distant childhood memory of mine.

3. The news coverage I saw is very similar to the type I’ve seen on 24/7 news channels with information about the event and other news from around the world being shown. The news is very informative and always piques my interest when I view it.

4. Every time I go to the mall I see giant metal grate doors in front of outlet stores, some being down over a vacant area. They really do their job; I don’t see anyone getting past that high-strength steel.

5. The Mars scene is interesting. I only saw it for about 3 seconds. I must had seen a photo in the past that was so magnificent it found it’s way deep into my memory bank and just happened to flash by tonight. All the research happening on Mars and the stories circulating media outlets, plus the possibility of humans going there someday has gotten my recent attention also.

6. The view from the skyscraper floor is something that I remember seeing in a movie, maybe Spider-Man or Tower Heist. I don’t know, some movie that utilizes a lot of city skyline views. Again, the sun casting an aura of warm colors over the city must symbolize that I am feeling happy at this moment and am in a content state of sleep.

7. The business kids are obvious. I’ve watched movies in the past that feature kids rising to the top and outsmarting the adults, owning all these luxury items and making big business calls all over the place. The boy saying “This is the special room” may come from me watching Willy Wonka and seeing the fantastic rooms being pointed out by the chocolateur. It may also come from movies featuring autistic kids and them being placed in a “special room” by a teacher.  “But I’m not special” has always been a thought that has gone through my mind whenever I hear people talking about my disabilities behind my back and saying I can’t do certain things. It’s a defense mechanism and it must have triggered automatically in my dream after the statement that sounded derogatory. In the past I was labeled and looked at as “special” by kids and other people and I always wanted to deny that thought. The metal plaque is something I’ve seen on tables at restaurants containing the seating number and I do remember bending my head down once to look at one. The dream ends on a little comedic note because I was waking up at that point, leaving the scene in a standstill with nowhere to go. Like the reel being ripped out in the middle of a film.